You're passionate about your cause.  You're doing incredible work. You are changing the world! 

But it's not easy!

You're finding yourself with increasing pressures to raise more money with less resources.  

At Clearview Training and Consulting, we can help.

We understand non-profits, especially smaller agencies and have established ourselves as one of the leaders in Canada in developing people and driving results. The team of professional trainers at Clearview are experts in fundraising and board development.

Our fundraising,  philanthropy and leadership courses are engaging and designed to give you an action plan that you can go back and implement right away.  The experiential learning will give you an opportunity to put into practice what is being taught, which helps with retaining concepts and ideas.

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Get Your Whole Organization Involved

We come to you and work with you to customize a training program that is right for your organization. Then we assist you to access funding through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to cover up to 83% of those training costs.

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