Non-Profit Board Excellence Model

1 day

This training walks you through the foundations that make a good board great. Just like your vehicle, you often get the best performance when it's taken in for a tune-up. For many who attend this training is a tune-up session that helps develop a healthy and growing board. It provides a platform to review a board at its best, identify root causes of success and discover areas of development.


Most people who join Non-profit boards have a real passion for the agency but no prior experience or training on effective Board Governance. They often pick up bad habits and then pass these to others. This training helps stop this cycle in its tracks and injects strength and professionalism into the Board practices. 

Learning Outcomes

This interactive training comes complete with a full manual with topics that Include:

  • Reviewing your current board
  • What makes a board complacent?
  • Governance culture and values
  • Clarifying board and staff roles
  • 3 hats that every board member wears
  • Governance functions of a non-profit board
  • 5 key questions every board member asks
  • Board size & frequency of meetings
  • The 5 W’s of board membership
  • Board profile for selection of new directors
  • Board orientation and training
  • Role of the Non-profit board chair
  • What is a board-oriented Executive Director?
  • The ED – Chair partnership
  • What board members do between meetings?
  • What problems can be solved with a BPM? (Board Policy Manual)
  • Hierarchy of board policies
  • Two kinds of votes by non-profit boards
  • Non-profit committee effectiveness
  • The board development committee
  • Evaluate board, directors and ED
  • Good board meetings and deliberation
  • Role of the board in strategic planning and fundraising
  • Improving governance through technology
  • Overview of Principles and Practices that work
  • Understanding that board and staff have different yet complimentary roles
  • Danger signs of an unhealthy board
  • How to have productive board meetings

Who Should Attend?

Anyone serving on a non-profit board or considering serving on a board as preparation. Also Executive Directors or CEO’s of non-profit boards.

Optional but Highly Recommended -  Non-Profit ONLINE Board Assessment Tool

The online assessment tool is set up so that all board members are sent a link. We set up for them to click and complete an assessment tool online. We track who has completed the process and gently remind those who have yet to complete it. It only takes about 10 minutes.