Board Policy Development Training


Strong board governance starts with a good foundation.  This training walks you through how to build one of the key foundational elements for a board – a Board Policy Manual.  Attendees can use the training to update and improve existing board policy documents or to create a Board Policy Manual from scratch.  Board policies are a fiduciary necessity and capturing them in a Board Policy Manual is an excellent board development tool.


Board policies are often relegated to the bottom of the priority list while boards deal with what they see as more pressing issues.  By taking a step back and developing a Board Policy Manual, boards will discover that many of the pressing issues they are dealing with are a result of not having good board policies and practices in place.  This training helps stop this cycle, which gives boards a system and the tools to build on.


This interactive training will result in a Board Policy Manual for each attendee that is customized to their organization.  Session topics include:

  • Why do we need a Board Policy Manual?

  • How a Board Policy Manual relates to other foundational corporate documents

  • How board policies differ from operational and administrative policies

  • The key elements of a Board Policy Manual

  • How a Board Policy Manual should be used

  • Key topics for boards to agree on up front

  • How the board should manage itself

  • How the board should manage and communicate with the Executive Director

  • Policies boards need to have in place to give direction to the Executive Director

  • Other elements of best-practice board governance such as committee mandates, work plans, surveys, and compliance checks

$495 Plus Tax


Board Chairs, Governance Committee Chairs, Executive Directors, or CEO’s of non-profit boards.

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