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In the past year, I have had two of my most critical “a-ha” moments at sessions where Clearview was involved.  In a world of fill-in-the-blank consulting handbooks, Clearview’s ability to identify the approach your group needs based on your situation is where you’ll find the real value with Clearview as your consulting & training partner.

With an MBA and specialist in Management Consulting, I’m not an easy sell but facilitators at Clearview will help guide your group, your team, your Board – or even oneself.   Engaging Clearview for our Chamber of Commerce Board Strategic Planning session gave our volunteer team a much-needed opportunity to reflect on why they were involved and where they wanted to see us go.  Time with Clearview is time well spent.

I would encourage you to chat with Gary MacDonald (CEO & Founder) and see how the Clearview team may be able to partner with you.

-Jill Raycroft, CEO of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce

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