Long Range Sustainable Funding - How to ask for a major gift. 

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For many Non-profits, fundraising is usually centered around events. There is nothing wrong in running events but pretty soon events can start running you! The board and executive director often ask, “Is it worth all the effort for the amount we actually raise? Is there is a way to engage donors in a meaningful way with less effort and create sustainable long-range funding?" Learn how to decrease the dependency on events.


This training is becoming very popular because it engages participants in a fun learning environment and moves beyond just theory to practice. It is most effective when all the staff and board attend the training together. Why? Because you are attempting to change the entire organization's perspective on a donor. You want to move your thinking from “donors” and see them as “partners”. Donors are real people with passions and dreams like you. Learn how to connect with them in a meaningful way and not just see them as a cash machine.  The training also helps create a culture where asking someone for a financial gift is the norm not an exception.

Unlike most training on fundraising we begin by being active participants in a popular game show called, “To Tell the Truth”. It creates an engaging atmosphere that challenges our perception of each other and allows everyone to see others differently. It is fun and engaging! We move from there to learn more about each other’s passions and dreams in smaller groups. We eventually have everyone in a conversation where each participant asks someone to make a financial gift toward their charity with greater ease and clarity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a different perspective on seeing donors as potential partners

  • Engage the board at a higher level in fundraising

  • Increase comfort in asking for a gift

  • Discover ways to engage volunteers in fundraising

  • Build the team chemistry and support in this important process

  • Improved ability to connect with people who attend an event

  • Identify potential major donors in your community

$495 Plus Tax

Who Should Attend

Designed for whole organizations attending at once, which includes, boards, staff, executive directors, and highly engaged volunteers of non-profits.

What was helpful about this course?

Recent participants have said:

“I finally understand that people intrinsically want to give.”

“Something helpful was learning how ‘easy’ doing the “ask”. Also learning about making everyone a partner who is going to donate.”

“Learning through discovery in a comfortable warm environment from a knowledgeable teacher.”

“How to get the “Story” of the organization and how it can impact.”

“Excellent process for morning activity on demonstrating an ask.”

“Learning how to reshape how I view building up partners in ministry. Learning how to really care for supporters and to love them…Actually acting it out was awesome.”

“Good challenges in terms of shifting perspective. Re-focusing on the needs of the partner, meeting them where they are at.”