Leading the Board – Honing Your Skill As Chairperson (1 day)

Good Non-profits have good Boards and good Boards have good Chairpersons! The Chair manages the Board...The Executive Director/ CEO manages the organization.  The job "product" of the Chair is, primarily, the integrity of the Board’s process.  The Chair is the only Board member authorized to speak for the Board as a group, other than in rare and specifically authorized. Read More. 

Major Gifts & Legacy Giving Development (1 day)

It is intimidating to even consider developing a major gift and legacy giving program for a small Non-profit. You are thinking that it is only going to work if you are one of the big charities like a hospital or university. You don’t have the time, experience, expertise, budget, or staff to take on these fundraising initiatives. The good news is that smaller charities actually have the advantage in both these areas and in most cases. It can be started and sustained by using volunteers. Learn how to lever these powerful tools. Read More. 

Legacy Giving Development / Planned Giving (½ Day to 1 Day)

Most people shy away because it is considered a difficult topic to start with a donor. It is intimidating to even consider developing a legacy giving program for any non-profit. It’s about a gift in their will after they pass-away. We have some very Good News. Read More

Long Range Sustainable Funding - How to ask for a major gift (1 day)

For many Non-profits, fundraising is usually centered around events. There is nothing wrong in running events but pretty soon events can start running you! The board and executive director often ask, “Is it worth all the effort for the amount we actually raise? Is there is a way to engage donors in a meaningful way with less effort and create sustainable long-range funding?" Learn how to decrease the dependency on events. Read More.

Developing A Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy (1 day) 

Many non-profits, especially smaller agencies, lack the resources and expertise to design a comprehensive fundraising strategy. It seems the "Tyranny of the Urgent" does not allow us to plan strategically.

This workshop looks at the "BIG PICTURE", shows how each area of fundraising is dependent on the other for maximum effectiveness and, most important, helps you create the much-needed strategy. Read More.

Non-Profit Board Excellence Model (1 day)

This workshop walks you through the foundations that make a good board great. Just like your vehicle, you often get the best performance when it's taken in for a tune up. For many who attend this workshop is a tune-up session that helps develop a healthy and growing board. It provides a platform to review a board at its best, identify root causes of success and discover areas of development. Read More. 

Board Policy Development training (1 Day)

Board policies are often relegated to the bottom of the priority list while boards deal with what they see as more pressing issues.  By taking a step back and developing a Board Policy Manual, boards will discover that many of the pressing issues they are dealing with are a result of not having good board policies and practices in place.  This training helps stop the cycle, which give boards a system and the tools to build on. Read More

Developing a Case For Support:For both the head and heart of a donor (1 day)

In a competitive market, donors and others whose support you need are bombarded with competing demands, appeals and ideas. How do you gain a hearing for your organization? Under pressure to perform, we search for clever slogans, marketing ideas and the next “ice bucket challenge.”  But the most strategic communications tool for charitable and not-for-profit organizations is the Case for Support. Read More


Considering and conducting a capital campaign.
Most charitable organizations reach a point where someone around the table –fund development staff, a member of the Board, an ambitious ED – says “We should run a capital campaign.” Read More

Non-Profit ONLINE Board Assessment Tool

The online assessment tool is set up so that all board members are sent a link. We set up for them to click and complete an assessment tool online. We track who has completed the process and gently remind those who have yet to complete it. It only takes about 10 minutes.