Capital Campaign Training. Get it Right From the Start

(1 DAy)

Considering and conducting a capital campaign.

Most charitable organizations reach a point where someone around the table –fund development staff, a member of the Board, an ambitious ED – says “We should run a capital campaign.” 

Most in that meeting will have only a vague idea of the challenges or complexity of a successful campaign. What happens next is critical.  very often, organizations plunge in, not knowing what it takes. In their enthusiasm, they usually make early decisions that undermine their success from the beginning.

The penalties for a failed campaign are severe, from internal conflict to public embarrassment and even financial crisis.

The rewards for a sound campaign are profound and can be transformative. But running such a campaign is a choice.

This workshop will orient you to what it takes to succeed in a capital campaign, and what is within reach if the organization prepares well, makes clear-eyed judgements, invests in the process and commits to the fundamental.

Maybe a capital campaign is exactly what you need. Come and find out.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the moving parts of a campaign, original idea to final pledge fulfillment, and the variety of campaigns that exist

  • Analyze your own organization’s readiness to campaign with an in-workshop “pressure test” 

  • Avoid common pitfalls and examine how to maximize the potential for success  

  • Explore the fundamentals of a successful campaign – from pre-campaign planning (or ‘feasibility;’) study, to case development, prospect identification and solicitation, leadership, volunteer management, campaign operations, communications etc.

  • Chart a potential timetable for your project, real or hypothetical  

  • Understand how capital gift fundraising differs from annual fundraising and what that requires of the organization

  • Define the differing roles of staff, Board members, campaign volunteers and professional counsel

  • Envision the impact of a successful campaign on your organization

$495 Plus Tax

Who should attend?

Staff and board members of charities that wonder if a capital campaign should or could be in their future and want to know what’s involved.

Staff or board members of organizations actively considering a campaign and who want to maximize the chances of success.

Facilitator is Larry Matthews / KMA Consultants BIO

I wish we had engaged them earlier.

We engaged KMA for our Uncommon Ground campaign, with a goal of $58 million. After working with them I had only one regret: I wish I had engaged KMA on our previous capital campaign. Although I have raised funds for four decades they taught me the age-old formula of discipline and more discipline. This time around there was increased energy in because we were so focused. They’re a great team. 
— Brian Stiller, former President, Tyndale University College & Seminary 

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