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In today’s busy world, with full inboxes and information overload, we struggle to skim, let alone read, an email or document – often from our smartphone. So how can we create reports and proposals that our clients, colleagues, donors, or board will read, and that will achieve the result we need?

This dynamic and interactive course pulls from the fields of psychology and marketing to offer key insights into effective communication techniques that will help you prepare clear and persuasive audience-centered documents. Participants will learn useful strategies to aid the entire document-writing process, including preparation, writing, design, proofreading, delivery, and follow-up.

What was once a chore will become a breeze, and documents that went unread, will now help you attract business, secure funding, inform, inspire, and motivate change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between different types of reports and proposals and when to use them.

  • Define the purpose of your documents and desired outcomes.

  • Understand how your audience should shape a document format and delivery method.

  • Structure your documents, so that the flow of content creates a compelling narrative.

  • Write more clear and concise documents and distill complicated ideas and information.

  • Apply human psychology to write more persuasively.

  • Create a polished design and format for your document that incorporates organizational branding and key messaging.

  • Proofread documents and utilize peer-review.

$495 Plus Tax

Who should attend?

This course is designed for everyone who wants to write effective reports and compelling proposals that get read, and get results. If you write non-technical documents for internal or external audiences, in the business or non-profit sector, then this course is designed for you!

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