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To achieve a goal you have never achieved before you must start doing things you have never done before and that requires change. “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed! “ – Peter Senge, Organizational Specialist. This training is designed to help individuals polish their skills at coping with and handling a variety of organizational changes. Focusing on the emotional response to change, this program is an excellent way for individuals to identify methods of adopting and adapting to change that really work for them. 

While understanding the need for organizational change is critical, it is also vital that we recognize how we respond to change as individuals so that we can manage ourselves – and show others how to benefit from its positive effects. Working Through Organizational Change focuses on the emotional response to change and is an excellent way for individuals to identify methods of adopting and adapting to change that really works for them.

Optional but highly recommended

For those leaders who want to implement critical change within the organization we recommend they utilize the “Change Management Readiness Survey - Self Assessment”. How can you ensure that the major organizational change you are planning - to your structure, strategy, operations, production, or culture - will be successful? Begin the change process with this intense diagnostic of your organization's capacity to change. You can bring problems to light, build commitment to change, gain company-wide support, improve communication and increase your chances of success - quickly and cost-effectively. Do your homework upfront so that your change dollars pay off. The user-friendly survey is designed for change leaders, organizational leaders and managers who are not simply tinkering, but changing organizations in powerful ways. Often these change leaders only see part of the picture. This tool will give you a valuable big picture view.

Learning Outcomes

  • Pinpoint one's personal response to change

  • Learn how change can create stress

  • Understand the four phases of change

  • Identify 12 actions that help to regain a sense of control

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Who Should Attend?

Executives, Mangers, Supervisors, Individuals and team members at all levels

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