Telling Your Story Through Video

1 day

People listen today with their eyes, not their ears. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Viewers see pictures at a rate of at least 24 pictures (frames) per second, underlining the impact and power of this medium. To successfully engage someone to your business or give to your charity the use of video is critical.

Training by experts in this media field to assist your organization to acquire these best practices. You can review what you are doing now and plan a strategy that has the greatest impact. But, this won’t empty the bank. In this training we’ll cover every question you have from developing a story, which editing software is needed, to what gear you may need if you're shooting it yourself. We also address the question of the pros and cons of hiring a professional vs. using internal resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why everyone is talking about storytelling

  • How it works and why this is not another trend

  • How telling your organization's stories are critical for your future

  • Tomorrow’s donor's expectations and the power stories yield

  • How to tell your story like a pro

  • The 4 P’s of storytelling (people, place, plot and purpose).

  • Understand your audience, choosing your main character wisely, discovering where your story lives, embracing conflict and how to “hook donor’s hearts.”

  • Filming your stories 101

  • Planning, shooting and editing....all equally important

  • The gear you already have to tell a story well

  • The gear you may want to consider purchasing

  • The only time you’d hire a professional vs. using internal resources

$495 Plus Tax

Who Should Attend?

This is designed for anyone in your organization who is tasked with the responsibility of marketing your product, service, or agency. (Business Owners, Board Members, Executive Directors, Marketing and Communication Staff)