Team Building

1 day

Opportunities for groups and teams to promote communications, engagement and leadership potential through workshops and experiential equine-assisted learning activities. These are normally hosted at the Clearview Equine Centre in Stirling or other facilities across Ontario.

Our professionally trained staff, assisted by our unique four-legged facilitators, will guide your group through custom-designed activities intended to enhance and develop a team’s ability to work together in an experiential and transformative way.  Participants are faced with real obstacles involving living and dynamic creatures to find their own solutions and succeed in their common goal.  A horse’s sensitivity to group dynamics, non-verbal communication, behavior and emotion makes them integral team members in our communication-building exercises.  Horses also provide powerful metaphorical learning opportunities and invite participants to change perspectives and find new angles and solutions to challenges.

Horses are the Master of Leadership and Teamwork. The skills and behaviours needed to work successfully with horses are the same skills and behaviours that will take your team’s performance to the next level. As you work as a team, your horse partners will act as a real time performance review, providing honest feedback as you go.  You will not only learn, but experience what it takes to get it right creating lasting learning. The foundation of our team-building activities is our proven experiential Equine-Assisted Learning Curriculum. Each exercise has been carefully developed and tested through research and is objective-based.

 Aside from the training activities in the ring with the horses, participants will be engaged in discussions and exercises utilizing the “Leadership Metaphor Explorer” materials. It spurs dialogue about perspectives and assumptions relating to work culture, communication and leadership. This leads to a greater commitment in building a strong team.

Learning Outcomes

Building A Resilient Culture –  individuals will contribute to and commit to an organizational culture that is sustainable.

Higher Productivity – individuals leave with a stronger commitment to the team. They connect on a personal level, and identify and practice skills necessary to work collaboratively to find solutions for the common goal.

Better Communication – teams will increase their awareness with respect to various communication styles.  Information will flow better, breaking down barriers and challenging traditional work silos.

More Innovation – teams will recognize their barriers to creativity and start really thinking outside of the box.