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Delegation done well pays huge dividends. Done poorly it can be destructive. Learn the many elements of effective delegation and reap the dividends!

We have all experienced it. We were asked to complete a challenging task and knew exactly what was expected. No misunderstandings and it was motivating to take it on! On the other hand, we have also experienced the opposite, those times when the instructions we received were vague, confusing and, despite our best effort to hit a moving target, the final results disappointed everyone. How frustrating and costly! If leaders only knew how to delegate effectively.

Delegation skills are vital to an organization’s effectiveness because they enhance a leader’s ability to achieve results through others. Many staff acquire delegation techniques by chance or “hit-or-miss” experiences. They seldom get the opportunity to learn and to practice a proven set of skills in this area. This interactive training is a valuable tool that equips staff to strategically and effectively assign jobs to others in order to maximize the success of an organization and its team members. This is especially valuable in successfully identifying, screening & mobilizing volunteers for various tasks. Using case study and video participants will leave with a set of skills they can use the next day!

Here is a powerful idea – You do not need to be a leader to benefit from this program.  Subordinates who attend find they are now equipped with a framework, to ask all the right questions when taking on a new task. They impress their Supervisor, drive clarity into the project and everyone feels confident! 

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective delegation can involve up to 8 elements. Learn how to incorporate all of them whenever you give direction to others.

  • Learn how to monitor and follow-up to ensure success and no surprises

  • Participants will leave with a well-defined task that they want to delegate!

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Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who assigns tasks to others - Supervisors, Managers, Directors

  • Those to whom larger tasks are delegated. Therefore, potentially everyone!

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here is What recent participants are saying about this course:

It validated my use of delegation but gave me a format to follow to get there. Showed me that delegation is more of a dialogue than an assignment.
Realized that by not delegating tasks & doing everything myself, I was robbing myself of the experience of being/growing as a leader. Really enjoyed the group activities that kept the class engaged.
Every employee/employer should take [this course] to learn how to properly delegate.
Learned that it was OK to delegate & that leading includes ability to delegate.