1/2 day

It is one thing to talk about collaboration and its power amongst team members but when they experience it, the training becomes deep and personal….and sticks! That’s what the Mars Rover Challenge game does.

Mars Rover Challenge provides a compelling demonstration of the differences between working in silos and working collaboratively. This powerful contrast is accomplished by having teams build and rebuild a motorized Mars Rover prototype using K’NEX® construction pieces. In the first round, team members complete their tasks in isolation; in the second, they join forces and operate as a collaborative team. The frank de-brief enables participants to begin to cultivate the mindset and behaviors integral to effective implementation back at work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Feel the stark difference between working in silos versus working collaboratively.
  • Understand why silos weaken team performance and undermine the overall organization.
  • Be convicted as to why collaborative teamwork is the best approach for long-term success, morale and engagement.
  • Create an individual plan to minimize silos and increase collaboration.

Who Should Attend?

Mars Rover Challenge is most helpful when the teams in the game are real-life teams. The program benefits team members of all experience levels who are interested in maximizing their team’s effectiveness. With broadly applicable and relevant concepts, Mars Rover Challenge is equally well suited for teams ranging from new to long established.

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