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Empowering teams to define and achieve quality results

You have developed a great plan to help you achieve your goals. The team feels momentum! Next, comes the execution of the plan. Often, that is where the momentum slows. There are many plans on office shelves gathering dust. You have learned the hard way that execution of the plan is almost always harder than the actual planning. Learn, once and for all, how to turn your creative vision into a reality. 

Executing a Plan Effectively is designed to empower teams to define and achieve quality results. It enables you to meticulously focus on your significant audacious goals, the ones that if achieved, will have a significant impact on your organization. The stats show there is, to put it lightly, ‘quite some room for improvement’ in the strategy execution field. In fact, a measly 2% of leaders are confident that they will achieve 80-100% of their strategy’s objectives.

Why is it hard to achieve them? We struggle with our daily activities we call, “The Vortex.” There are always competing priorities and you need to be vigilant to keep a laser-sharp focus on what is important, not just urgent.

The principles we convey are unassuming yet profound. They empower individuals & teams to achieve quality results by meticulously focusing on shared goals that would have the highest impact for the organization. You will learn the key principles & steps often missed in getting the most important things done.


  • Case studies

  • Group Presentations

  • Discussion

  • Video Simulations

Learning Outcomes

  • Key principles to effectively execute a strategy and adopt key habits for sustainable growth.

  • Distinguish which goals to choose that have the most significant impact to the organization.

  • Successfully get group buy-in so that everyone owns the goal (s).

  • Full understanding of the pitfalls that can be avoided.

  • How to keep individuals and groups accountable to their commitments.

  • How to successfully measure the results and create a strong culture of engagement.

  • Walk away with a defined goal and plan to execute immediately in the organization

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Who Should Attend?

Owners, CEO’s, Executive Directors, Senior Managers, Front-Line Managers. Best if whole teams can attend together.

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