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Managing your human resources requires a good knowledge of the law plus great employee relations techniques to have high employee engagement. This training helps equip you to run and win today’s competitive race for the best talent.

Keeping up with changes to employment law and how they affect the way you manage people gets more complex every year. And, just having the legal perspective is the minimum. You also want to attract and keep the best talent. Hence, there are some things you must know to be compliant and some things you should know to find and maintain an engaged and committed workforce. In this training we do more than “get you started”. We equip you with tools, ideas, resources and roadmaps that set your mind at ease and energize your efforts to build and keep a great team. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Current Legislation

    • What to be aware of

    • Maintaining compliance and remaining current

  • Effective Recruitment, Selection and On-boarding

    • Identifying the role and preparing a great job description.

    • Interviewing – great questions & what you can’t ask

    • References – how to get the information you really need

    • Job offers that protect you over the long term

    • On-boarding that does more than just cover the administrative stuff

  • Engaging & motivating effectively

    • Good people management

    • Coaching for performance

  • Performance Management

    • More than just the annual performance evaluation

  • Ending the employment relationship

    • Do’s and Don’ts

    • The many elements of a professional termination

$495 Plus Tax

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, Managers and Directors, who have employees reporting to them and who may have responsibility for implementing new employee relations and development processes.


“Great course to reiterate HR best practices and employment law issues.”

“Liked the handouts. Great take-aways for back at the office. “