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Dave Sinclair

Dave served as Vice President, Human Resources, 1991-2016 (retired January, 2016) at Blue Mountain Resorts Limited, an Intrawest company. Dave’s 10-person team was responsible for staffing, employee relations, compensation & benefits, training, employee events, employee engagement, change management, communication programs and policy development. Prior to Blue Dave spent ten years in several HR roles with Nestle’ Enterprises Limited. 

For Dave’s first 10 years at Blue he was also “Service/Quality Coordinator”, tasked with facilitating a comprehensive organizational change effort. This work helped garner national awards for service, helped the company achieve consistent profitability and to reach and maintain a top-2 position for highest employee engagement scores amongst all eight Intrawest resorts.

Dave’s training and consulting experience is extensive, both at Blue and Nestle’. He is certified to deliver Achieve Global’s Frontline Leadership, Working and Quest products. As well, he has designed and delivered many customized courses.