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Non-Profit Board Excellence Model

  • Chatham 425 McNaughton Avenue West Chatham, ON, N7L 4K4 Canada (map)

This training walks you through the foundations that make a good board great. Just like your vehicle, you often get the best performance when it's taken in for a tune-up. For many who attend this training is a tune-up session that helps develop a healthy and growing board. It provides a platform to review a board at its best, identify root causes of success and discover areas of development. FULL TRAINING OVERVIEW

Clearview can access grants to cover 83% of the cost of this training. Below is an approximate cost with and without a grant. It takes very little time to apply. Let us know if your interested and we can set you up.

Costs for training may vary according to location and number of participants involved. Clearview is unique in that they come to you across Canada as opposed to you going to specific training location which increases costs.

Training can vary between $485 to over $1,800 per person depending on the number participants days or training and location.

Clearview can help in applying for grants that cover up to 83.3% of the costs.

We want to work with you to find a suitable plan within your needs, budget and time frame

NOTE: If an organization has at least 2 paid staff attending within a grant, the Board members can attend FREE of charge.