There is a lot of competition out there for a donor’s attention and pocketbook!

The non-profit organizations who survive and strive have learned the secret of developing long-term sustainable funding. For many non-profits, fundraising is usually centered around events. There is nothing wrong with running events but pretty soon events can start running you! 

The board and executive director often ask, “Is it worth all the effort for the amount we actually raise? Is there is a way to engage donors in a meaningful way with less effort and create sustainable long-range funding?" Learn how to decrease the dependency on events and at the same time engage your board to be involved in a great way.

This training moves beyond theory into practice and we make it fun as well.

Now is the time for action. see how Clearview Training and Consulting can help!

Clearview has established itself as one of leaders in Canada in developing people and driving results. The team of professional trainers at Clearview are experts in fundraising and board development.

Clearview’s training is even more accessible with the aid of the Canada Ontario Job Grant /COJG. The grant guidelines allow for subsidies up to $10,000 per person that can cover up to 83% of the training costs.

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