2 – 4 days

Individuals, teams and departments…each has their own character, unique knowledge, held assumptions, biases, personalities and skillsets. And, because of that variety, it is easy for conflict, differences and disruptive behaviours to emerge. Help get individuals, teams and the entire organization to change with this eye-opening program!

Every workplace contends with this; Sometimes conflict seems the norm, maybe it takes too long to get things done, and problems lurk in many corners. Too often individuals and groups seem to work more against each other rather than with each other. As a leader, what do you do? How do you get individuals and teams, who are all part of the bigger picture, willingly “pulling on the oars” in the same direction?

We help you tackle this at three levels.

Level 1: Individual Employee Engagement – Leaders learn new coaching skills, new ways to manage performance that gets results, without resistance. Using a sophisticated computer simulation tool you and the other participants coach a Supervisor from struggling to success. The exercise is intensive, comprehensive and realistic. The answers do not come easily, but you leave the training with new principles to apply, a new language and techniques that you can use tomorrow! (2 day*)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has authority over others (Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Executives)

Note - You can stop at Level 1, which, on its own, will yield positive change, or you can go on to Levels 2 and 3.

Level 2: Engaging and Empowering Your Team – You like the new coaching skills your leaders have.  Individual performance is improving but you know your organization could use more. You want to dig deeper and address team performance, versus just individual performance. Continuing to use the computer simulation tool, you will grow your team, such that they solve problems and start to take on more and new responsibilities. (1 day*)

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Directors, Executives

Level 3: Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness – Things are looking much better but can you take the organization to the next level? You would like to see policies and practices be more fluid, constantly evolving and improving. You would like to see more decisions pushed to teams. You would like to see feedback systems be more timely, informing employees at more junior levels in real-time, where the work gets done.  You would like more involvement of employees and teams in change efforts. In short, you want to change the way things get done in your organization, the actual culture! (1 day*)

Who Should Attend?

Directors and Executives

*Though Levels 1, 2 and 3 each last one or two days and are, on their own, complete, we strongly recommend a ½ day follow-up session following each level. In our experience a follow-up session 30 days later pays big dividends. Remember, optional but strongly recommended!

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