2 days

Today’s managers must network, coach, partner and inspire individuals to work toward intangibles like learning, continuous improvement, and excellence. To be effective in organizations, managers need to become facilitative leaders – people who make it easier for others to communicate, accept responsibility and problem solve. 

This training gives you a complete foundation in approaches that help employees invest their energy towards the goals and success of your organization. Study key leadership techniques to guide yourself and lead others to outstanding business results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what to say to get desired results, plus, how to “lead from within” and to manage thoughts and emotions before speaking.

  • Apply facilitative leadership techniques to enhance individual and work group performance

  • Help your staff overcome their biggest challenges to self-management

  • Act effectively in all work groups and individual management situations

  • Be a more effective leader of organizational change

  • Master the three fundamentals to facilitative communication success

  • Recognize and remove barriers to your communication success

  • Listen with intention and speak with integrity

  • Calm yourself in conflict situations

  • Create and facilitate highly effective teams

  • Facilitate high IQ business teams to achieve team goals

$1,200 Plus Tax

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who want to explore the power of self-managed communication:

  • Team leaders and project managers who want to maximize group unity, innovation and team performance

  • Human resource directors and trainers who require a firm grounding in the process of facilitation

  • Directors of corporate planning or organizational development responsible for change initiatives

  • General managers and directors who want to lead by example

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